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Application for Film 510/511/512

See the Guidelines for eligibility requirements and evaluation criteria.


Student Number:


Telephone number for month following application deadline:

Course of study (check one):

FILM 510 (6 units, Fall-Winter) ____
FILM 511 (3 units, Fall) ____
FILM 512 (3 units Winter) ____

Title of proposed project:

Type of project: Essay(s) / Script / Film / Video / Multimedia


Description of support material (e.g. video titles) if applicable:

Additional Questions for Film or Video Projects

Proposed length:

Production format: 16mm / HDV / Other (please specify)

Departmental production facilities required: Camera / Sound / Lights / Editing

Attach a one-page proposal as outlined in the Guidelines.

Signature of Supervisor:

Submit this application to the Chair of Undergraduate Studies.

Submission of this application indicates consent to the examination of your transcript.

Applicant's signature:


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