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Reviews of Frank Burke's Amarcord Commentary


Cover Queen's Film and Media Professor Frank Burke is one of two film scholars who provide audio commentary on the 2006 Criterion Collection DVD release of Federico Fellini's Amarcord, the 1973 film which which received a New York Film Critics Award for Best Motion Picture, and an Academy Award and National Board of Review Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The Criterion Collection in New York City is the premier producer of high quality (often newly restored) DVDs of significant films from the history of cinema, accompanied by a wealth of supplementary materials. Because of his extensive writing on Federico Fellini, Dr. Burke was asked to collaborate with Peter Brunette on the commentary for this release.

Below are comments from reviewers referring to the audio commentary on the Criterion DVD:


"Disc one starts with an audio commentary by film scholars Peter Brunette and Frank Burke. I enjoyed their effort enormously. Fellini uses symbolism like a Peter Jackson uses CGI; Brunette and Burke do an outstanding job of picking apart the directorís intentions. Surely, their comments are highbrow, but you have to be highbrow to thoroughly understand a movie like Amarcord. After you watch the movie, rewatch the most difficult scenes and Iím sure Brunette and Burke (author of the book Felliniís Films) will help you understand them."

The Orlando Weekly

"A brilliant commentary from Peter Brunette and Frank Burke (both of whom have written texts on Fellini) places the film in even deeper feminist, sociological, political and artistic contexts."


"The first disc includes an indispensable audio commentary by film scholars Peter Brunette and Frank Burke, both of whom are experts in Italian cinema in general and Fellini in particular. Their commentary is rich with observations, analysis, background information, and biographical details that really help the film come alive (they tend to read a lot of the film with a Freudian slant, especially the fascist parade scene)."


"Beginning with an academic and detailed commentary from film scholars Peter Brunette and Frank Burke,†....††To be more specific, Disc One contains the aforementioned alternate-narrative track and both participants provide an excellent, erudite view of the film. Some may feel that Brunette and Burke read too much into what is really just a Fellini flight of fancy, but their insights do expand our knowledge and appreciation of the film."


"Supplements -- well... Criterion have vastly exceeded their competitors yet again. The Brunette and Burke commentary is excellent -- very thorough and interesting...."

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