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Clarke Mackey


Clarke's portait Clarke Mackey has worked as a director, cinematographer, editor, producer or writer on over 50 film, television and new media projects. Many have won awards and critical acclaim. In the late '80s Mackey directed several episodes of the original Degrassi Junior High series. His other credits include Festival Express (cinematographer, 1970-2004), The Only Thing You Know (Producer-Director, 1971), Taking Care (Producer-Director, 1987), Dance on the Edge (Producer-Director, 1995), Memory Palace web site (producer-designer, 1998), and Disrobing the Emperor (Producer-Director, 2000). Mackey is currently writing the screenplay for King Blue, his next feature. He teaches courses in advanced production, acting and directing, screenwriting, culture and technology, and documentary. Mackey has also done extensive research into community arts and vernacular culture, and has recently compiled his research into a book/DVD publication called Random Acts of Culture. Clarke is also a programmer and board member for the Kingston Canadian Film Festival.