Feature Films

Dance on the Edge (1995) 85 min.

Taking Care (1987) 86 min. (Canadian Film and Television Award, Best Feature Production, 1987; 1988 Genie nomination, Best Actress)

The Only Thing You Know (1971) 84 min. (Canadian Film Awards, Best Actress, 1971; Canadian Film Awards, Special Jury Prize 1971)

Short Films and Television Programs

Eyes in the Back of Your Head (2003) 30 min. a collabrative video made with ex-federal imates

Disrobing the Emperor: The New Commons in Mexico (2000) 63 min. with Gustavo Esteva

Toys (1992) 32 min. Frontenac County Board of Education

Degrassi Junior High (1987-88) 3 episodes (International Emmy Awards, 1987, 1988; Gemini Award, Best Children's Series 1987)

The Haircut (1988) 25 min. CBC Drama

Target (1988) 60 min. Interactive Drama(National Association of Visual Communicators, Los Angeles, Cindy Award for Directing, 1989; U.S. Industrial Film and Video Awards, Chicago, Gold Camera award,1990)

Pulling Flowers (1985) 28 min. TVO Drama

All Day Long (1983) 40 min. TVO Documentary

A Right to Live (1977) 60 min. Independent Documentary

Public Petroleum Association Spot (1976) 1 min.

Fight Night (1975) 28 min. CBC Drama

Life with Lea-Anne (1973) 18 min. CBC Documentary

Grass (1968) 45 min. Independent Drama

Ruins (1967) 10 min. Independent Drama

On Nothing Days (1967) 30 min. Independent Drama (NFB Amateur Filmmakers Contest, Montreal, 1967)

Cinematography and Editing credits

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