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IDIS 410: Contemporary Cultural Performance in Practice


Rebecca Anweiler, Art, Room 212, Ontario Hall, anweiler@queensu.ca
Kim Renders, Drama, Carruthers Hall Room 309, kim.renders@queensu.ca
Milad Dokhanchi, Film and Media, Isabel Bader Centre Room 303, milad.dokhanchi@queensu.ca
Matt Rogalsky, Music, 151 Watson Hall, rogalsky@queensu.ca

The Course

One of the most striking features of contemporary artistic practices is the extent to which the boundaries between artistic medium have become blurred, hence defying the conventional disciplinary boundaries and encouraging artists to experiment in interdisciplinary forms. This course is a both a theoretical as well as practical entry into the world of interdisciplinary art making. In this course upper year students from the four creative arts departments will come together to create performance pieces containing elements of film, music, visual arts and drama. Working in groups, students will access and share their wide range of skills: singers, composers, sculptors, painters, printmakers, videographers, designers, actors, and directors will combine their creative ideas, energies and practices to create an aesthetically pleasing, socially engaging, conceptually inspiring (and perhaps even politically moving) final presentation. Students will be encouraged to think of themselves as interdisciplinary artists with the task of bringing the four disciplines together. Students will be challenged to evaluate their own and each others' potentials, ideas and skills and create a conversation between different disciplines.

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