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Sidneyeve Matrix


Sidneyeve Matrix

Currently I am a Queen's National Scholar and Associate Professor in the Department of Film and Media, where I research and teach courses in mass communications and marketing, digital and social media. I also teach for the Queen's School of Business Executive Development Centre and for Rutgers University Center for Management Development. I have a Masters degree from The University of Western Ontario, a graduate certificate from Syracuse University, and a PhD from The University of Minnesota. I am Associate Editor (social media) of The Journal of Professional Communications, and on the editorial advisory boards of The International Journal of Interactive Multimedia, The Canadian Journal of Popular Culture, and Marketing Magazine. A professional speaker and communications consultant, I serve as a consumer tech trends analyst for local and national media outlets. I blog about what's new in the production, distribution and consumption of social and mobile media, and all things edTech for Macmillan at TheActiveClass. My online portfolio is located at sidneyevematrix.com and you can find me on Twitter @sidneyeve.



Some of the courses I teach at Queen's:

Scholarly Work:
Digital Culture

"Check-ins Beyond Foursquare: Tracking Geosocial Trends in Niche Data Publics," Compromised Data Research Symposium, Ryerson University. 2013.

"Maps, News and Weather: Everyday Geomobile Media Use and the Changing Perceptions of Location Based Services," Social Informatics Research Symposium, Montreal. 2013.

"Understanding Geosociality." Research project funded by SSHRC Insight Development Grant. 2011-2013.

Mobile Advertising: What Resonates With Gen Y? Keynote presentation for The Canadian Marketing Association's Mobile Day Toronto event. Abstract: Covers recent research and case studies of diverse campaigns that "stick" with younger consumers. Identifies effective emotional and promotional strategies with millennial appeal. Presents examples of the kinds of smartphone apps and social/mobile marketing efforts that engage Gen Y consumers. 2013.

Your Digital Impact: Online Professional Branding Tools & Strategies for Academics. Keynote address for EdMedia World Conference on Educational Media and Technology. Victoria, BC. Abstract: Presentation covers recent studies and strategies for social dissemination of research, social media and knowledge mobilization, and ways to use popular and scholarly social platforms to discover collaborators. 2013.

"Establishing Thought Leadership Online: Strategies for Senior Executives and Entrepreneurs." Keynote address for NavigaIT: Women in IT Annual Event. Information and Communication Technologies Association of Manitoba. Winnipeg. 2013.

HR 2.0: Social and Mobile Connectivity @ Work. Keynote presentation for The Toronto Star Human Resources Professional Development Day. Topics covered include trends in social and mobile recruiting, leveraging social networks for talent discovery, the socialization and gamification of internships, and social media strategies to increase staff satisfaction and collaboration. 2012.

Environmental Scan of Digital Media Convergence Trends: Disruptive Innovation, Regulatory Opportunities and Challenges. Prepared for the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). 2011. Abstract: This report presents a snapshot of issues of relevance to policy-makers stemming from communications trends affecting consumers of digital media. Topics covered include: cloud computing, social music, smart TV, the app revolution, wi-fi hotspots and evil twins, connected travel trends, geolocational social networking, data portability and liberation, privacy and behavioural tracking.

Understanding Geosociality. Research project funded by SSHRC Insight Development Grant. 2011-2012.

Connecting with Candidates Online: Social Recruiting Strategies for Human Resources (keynote presentation) Impact99 Conference in Toronto. Also presented for Queen's School of Business Executive Education Human Resources programme. Fall 2011.

Turning Information Into Action: The Interface Between Social Media and Health Research Advocacy. Keynote address for Research Canada Annual General Meeting in Ottawa. Fall 2011.


Film Studies

"*In Time* and the Chronopolitical Order of Things: Technologies of the Quantified Self in Andrew Niccol's Ecodystopia" Submitted to Critical Survey. 2014.

Science Fiction Fairy Tale Film. Research project funded by SSHRC Standard Research grant. Co-Applicant Pauline Greenhill. 2011- 2014.

Cyberpop: Digital Lifestyles and Commodity Cultures. Routledge (2006)

"A Secret Midnight Ball and a Magic Cloak of Invisibility: The Cinematic Folklore of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut" in Fairy Tale Films: Visions of Ambiguity. Logan UT: Utah State University Press. Co-edited by Pauline Greenhill and Sidneyeve Matrix. (2011)

"Rewind, Remix, Final Cut: Digital Storytelling, Identity Editing, and Synthetic Memory in Cyberpunk Cinema" In Save As: Digital Memories. Eds. Anna Reading, Joanne Garde-Hansen, Andrew Hoskins. (2009)

"'Behind the idyllic façade, a terrible secret': Technologies of Gender and Discourses of Domesticity in The Stepford Wives" In Storytelling: A Critical Journal of Popular Narrative. Vol 6.2 (2007)

"Virtual Boy Meets Vivid Girl, Living the Dream in Vanilla Sky: Cameron Crowe's Technogothic Fairytale" Conference Presentation for the Film and Media Association of Canada. (2006)

"We're Okay With Fake: Cybercinematography and the Spectre of Virtual Actors in S1mØne." In Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal. Vol 2.1 (2006)

"The Aesthetics of Tech Noir in Minority Report" In OASE Architectural Journal. Special Issue: From Science Fiction to Cyberfiction: Architectures of the Future. Vol 65. (2005)


Teaching with Technology

"Mobile Learning in Higher Ed: Agile Content Strategies to Optimize Student Engagement" Presentation for The Canadian Association for Instructional Designers. 2014.

"Next Gen Mentoring and the Social Web: Bridging Digital Skills Gaps" Submitted to The Mentoring Continuum: From Graduate School Through Tenure. The Graduate School Press of Syracuse University. 2014.

"An App to Teach With: A Case of Mobile Learning Non-adoption in Higher Ed" Submitted to Issues and Trends in Educational Technology. 2013.

"Social and Mobile Technology for Next Generation Teaching and Learning," keynote address for Social Media: Implications For The University International Conference. May 3-5. York University, Toronto. 2013.

Student Input Necessary for Effective Digitization, Evolllution magazine. 2013.

Fishing Where the Fish Are: Adding Facebook to the Learning Management Platform Mix, EDUCAUSE Review: The Inside Line. 2013.

"Using Social Media and Moodle to Encourage Multiplatform Distributed Student Engagement" Submitted to Social Media Implications for the University (edited collection). 2014.

Professor 2.0: Challenges, Opportunities and New Expectations. Academic Matters Magazine. 2012. Abstract: Whether nudged by inventive students toting lecture-recording gadgets and frequenting note-sharing websites, or motivated by digital natives' expectations for tech-heavy classes, or convinced by tech-forward peers demonstrating the benefits of connected teaching, the digitalization of the professoriate is well underway.

Looking Ahead: The Impact of Social Media on Higher Ed. Keynote presentation for the Manitoba Association for Distributed Learning and Training Conference, May 2012.

Engaging Students With New Media. Keynote presentation for the Provincial Educational Technology Committee's Advancing Learning conference, Seneca College, Toronto. Spring 2012.


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