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1995 Student Film and Video

Download Quicktime clips:

Taste of Agony

by Owin Lambeck, Beth Nobes, Matthew Palmer and Sarah Vernon. Europe 1761. Times were hard, life was short. Medicine was a savage art practiced by the bold... (2 MB)


by Emily Turner, Sherman Chau and Ed Leung. A gentle examination of the effects of Alzheimer's disease. (1 MB) Second Place in the Long Drama category of the 1995 TVOntario Telefest Awards.

Making Candidates

by Samuel K. Lee, Bradley Leonard and Ben Baldwin. The three filmmakers decide to walk a fine line between documentary and fiction by runnning their own team in the student elections. (1 MB)


by Damien Pitter, Jennifer Vanderburgh and David W. Scott. Traditional filmmaking and computer animation combine in the story of a boy who copes with a bad situation, with a little bit of magic. (1 MB)


by Dana Kearns, Anna Laperle, Rod Mammitzsch, Christine Maloney and Kevin Rollins. A man refuses to be thrown off his game of solitary Scrabble, in this tale of what can happen when people just won't leave you alone. (1 MB)

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