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Stage and Screen Studies
Special Field Concentration

Interaction between the worlds of film and theatre has been one of the most significant influences on twentieth-century cultural expression. Bertolt Brecht, Lillian Hellman, Sam Shepard, and Ingmar Bergman are only a few of the renowned artists who have worked for both stage and screen.

Students at work
Stage and Screen Studies at Queen's University is meant for students interested in exploring both these realms and in drawing together the lessons to be learned in each. It offers instruction in the theoretical and historical dimensions of the two art forms, and reguires commitment to the demanding opportunity for practical work in each. The program invites a director, writer, or other notable professional working in theatre, film and television to come to Kingston each year as the Stage and Screen Visiting Artist to conduct classes, hold a presentation for the Queen's and Kingston public and otherwise benefit students with their experience.

By combining selected courses from Film and Media and the Department of Drama, along with others of the student's choosing from the Department of Art or the School of Music, Stage and Screen Studies provides a challenging and rewarding path toward understanding the relations of the arts in contemporary society.

This Plan, with sufficient electives to total 114 units, will lead to a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree. See course requirements (90K PDF).

NOTE: Space in all courses is limited. Enrollment in Stage and Screen Studies confers no priority regarding admission to the Drama and Film and Media courses required for the concentration. Students not admitted to courses required for the special field concentration may transfer to a Major or Medial concentration in either department.

For full details on admission requirements, degree requirements and academic regulations, see:

Students with questions or problems regarding courses, registration or timetables should contact the Departmental office.

See also First Year in Film and Media.

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